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tv   [untitled]    June 22, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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and then relatively flat overall for crime in the city, up 2%. but it's negligible when the percentages is within 3% so it's relatively >> as far as the week ago, we had a couple of incidents. we hosted the conference. this is the urban area security initiative grants that are the homeland security grants and there is about 1700 conventioneers at the hilton hotel and there has been unbelievable speakers, participation, all of the public safety, the sheriff's office, police, fire. the commissioner was here from new york. he was pretty impressive to say the least. this is really been a good convention and it is quite an honor to be here in the city.
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that is what the weather is like every day. we've brought back the special olympics torch run. so far, $5,000 or more has been raised as the torch makes its way to sacramento. this is something that we did four years. about 40 officers participated monday. the 12 mile run, it was pretty warm that day. there were all volunteers for the officers. >> did they let you run the whole 12 miles? >> i did not. >> we had our first committee meeting on monday and. that is running on a parallel track with the general order. they are meeting weekly on that. hopefully, we will have a draft
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for that order. now you will be in the line for all of the successive meetings. hopefully we have a draft commission by september 15th. allen of community relations relation has been super busy. the women's series, of recruiting, the career presentation and then this weekend. this is on saturday night. i spoke at budget today. i know the board of supervisors is concerned with the academy classes. we have a lot people on lists. we hope that we can get a test off late summer or fall so that next year if we can get some classes, we have people that are lined up to come right in and we don't have to have a delay.
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we had a suicide outside of mission station on monday. a gentle man walked up, sat down beside the front door and took his own life. obviously, the people that it is it were very upset both inside and outside the station. there has been debriefing and again and the loss of life, this was quite a way to start the week for the mission district and the mission station in particular. yesterday morning, there was a body found after a substantive trail of blood in the day -- in the bay. it appears that there was some sort of a struggle and we cannot speak to it yet. the homicide has the lead and any time the body is found, you assume that something has been determined definitively.
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a person of interested walk into investigations this morning to get an account of what happened and i am not at liberty to discuss what was discussed but i think we will find a lot more about what went on and how that case will be determined after that. we had the budget meeting today and i believe it will pass the muster with the board of supervisors. if they call us back, we will go back. i think that we will be able to balance the budget. we had contract discussions today. it has been a busy day. there has been back and forth and then whatever is discussed in the way of something that could be presented to the rank and file for a vote and they would help out with the budget and hopefully we can come to some so the proposal by the end of the week. >> that's good news. >> questions for the chief.
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>> thank you for the update, that has been helpful. >> i saw that the board is not renewing that, i wanted your feedback. i did not realize that the community relations section had that. >> awe had many forms where we are trying to bring in as many cross sections to work on various things and certainly the committee is a big piece of that. as far as the drought program, it did go away yesterday at the board and we were anticipating about 100 retirements this year including the drop. this is not completely out of the average. the average is normally 60 to 90. without any officers coming in, it is getting to the point where we have to get serious about having some classes and we
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anticipate that there will be about 300 people set for retirement over the next three years. the good news is that it will not all go at once. there is an incentive to stay. you can assume that that is 300 patrol officers. as the upper ranks retires, the trickle down goes to the motion. at the end of this, the 300 folks would have retired and there is a chance that in the third year, that would be the largest year and that is what our hope is. so, we have a plan where we would need a minimum of three classes a year which would be consistent with when myself and capt. goldberg and today is my 30th anniversary in the police department.
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they were hiring five classes at a time back in the early eighties. that has all come to a close within the next three to five years. >> commissioner kingsley. >> happy anniversary. >> the community policing, did i understand it correctly that that is being coupled with another schedule which is a tuesday at center something that will occur every week. >> there will be weekly meetings on the drafting of the community policing general order and then there is weekly meetings on the drafting of the career development. there are several channel orders not connected to one another. >> this is happening every week at what time and place. >> i don't know if this is a set date but i believe that
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community policing is on mondays and i want to say this is at 10:00 at the police academy but i can confirm that for you. >> was involved? >> whoever would like to be. there are various members of the department and the community. they will be coordinating committee meetings. the commissioner asked that one of the meetings is in chinatown. whatever means we can get in between now and september, i will be going out starting in july to meet with the rank-and- file. there will be no order without representation in the assembly. >> does the committee advisory
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board, all of these folks have been invited already. >> they would like to come. >> terrific. >> thank you for that update. >> is there any relationship on that side? >> this could be as easy as the person trying to be conscientious who was going to do the suicide or the firearm, he wanted it right by police station. we don't know. >> thank you. >> are there any academy classes in the budget for next year. if there is none this year or next year?
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>> the supervisor is it the exigency of the circumstances. they were finding some way to do and backs. they are very genuine and they appreciate the reality of the circumstance. >> -- if they don't find any academy classes. i'm glad they are sincere and i hope that they act on that. there putting the city in potential risk of losing officers. how many recruits have we sent in and how many do we get out of a class, something like 30. >> laterals, we have a better
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graduation rate. there are a lot of police officers right now because the cities have not renegotiated. they are out there to be had. >> you talked about private this weekend. last year, there was an incident. >> there was a shooting last year. we have stepped up the numbers. we're hopeful that we will go back to the prior saturdays and i spent many up in the castro and i'm hopeful that it is that sort of event. >> the year before, at the triangle was damaged. >> yes, that was actually a an inside job. >> i heard it was vandalism. >> i think it was an accident. >> i just wanted to check on
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this weekend. >> thank you. >> line item @ b. >> this is the review of recent activities. >> good evening, director hicks. >> good evening. >> as was indicated, the board of supervisors' budget and finance committee considered the police department budget and the occ's budget is part of our department. the budget as proposed by the mayor remained intact. and this is the first step and the budget and finance committee will have their final deliberations on june 30th and the budget will be introduced to the full board of july 12th.
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the first vote is july 19th. the final adoption is july 26th. the budget as proposed by the mayor does not contain any cuts. and there will be no layoffs at tghhe occ. there will be three senior investigative positions, a 16th line investigator position is supposed to be funded after september. i am looking at some alternatives. >> maybe we can get the board of supervisors to consider another academy class for you and a
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couple of more investigators. obviously, our opinion is that a stronger occ makes a strong police department. whatever you need from us, we will be there for you. >> thank you very much. >> are there any questions for director vix? please call line item 2 c? >> i want to take this up to 82 think the chief flaw in the negotiations and the reference to the budget crisis. there is a lot going on. many members of our city and family and i want to commend them. i would like to think commander lee for the reform.
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i think that we should clear up some discrepancies. i went shopping. the day and there was a petition and i hear people say that the need to take police officers money away. while i agree that there is need for reform, i think that we have to stop and take a close look at what has been taking place. i picked up the article in fortune magazine. the author is sitting there in pacific heights talking about police department pension in a national magazine and there are some officers sitting in their garage wondering if they can pay their mortgage. there sipping a beer and not wine. here is my concerns. when this financial crisis for a hit, the focus was on the wall street executives. this was the people who were trading on the backs of the pensions, the venture capitalists, the fine answers.
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suddenly, there is an aversion to the backs of our civil service. so, i am very concerned about this. there was -- he received his vacation years for 30 years of service he had not taken. there is some misrepresentations and there and i commend everyone for their work on this. i don't want this to fall on the backs of our police officers. we asked him to do with mental health issues. we asked them to deal with suicides. we expect a lot out of our
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officers and when they leave for work and they kissed their loved ones could buy, they have a chance of not coming home. i commend everyone but when we listen to the venture tactless and the bankers and to listen to some officer that is not a big pension, there is some misrepresentations out there and i feel the need to clarify this. the focus was on the walls to detectives and now they're trying to help us. the whole world thinks that seventh is the police officers are fat cats and that is wrong. that is my announcement and i feel strongly about it. commissioners, any announcements? >> well, i went to a party.
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>> we went to a celebration of the promotion and that was a lot of fun and it was a lot of people. many people are excited by his promotion. >> any other commission reports? >> we call commission announcements. >> what i would like to do is that i know the charter says that we should have elections in april and i cannot recall if we agreed to extend at that time but i would like to look into that and i thought that we could do some research and look into that. if we did not, we could recall
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whether or not we should have elections. >> next week is a committee meeting. >> july 6th. >> i think that he has an announcement about our next meeting. >> next wednesday night, the 29 of june. the commission will be meeting at the district at visitation valley middle school. >> we have done a lot of work this year and it was scheduled from our retreat. one of them was working on identifying a new police chief.
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we have accomplished some of the things identified as the party. i recommend vacation time. we will refocus on our subject matter prerelease for the commission and work to identify where we want to go for the rest of the year. >> i know that there is quite an extensive party and we had a retreat and we came together with all the parties and the number one was mental health issues. we have attacked that. we are in the process of the commission's priorities. this is an ever-changing target in terms of priority.
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we can work with you with what we think your priorities are. we will give you some feedback. what you should do is scheduled this for another date of 10 to commissioners, tell me when you think we should do this. >> i will forward a list of priorities up to date to the police chief so that he is up to date to that extent. the director already has that from other commission meetings. is that right? >> yes, i would like to also have it. i have it from other commission members. >> my only comment about the priority list is that there seems to be something that we
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use when we need it and want it. we should probably figure out if it is every two months or something like that. that is my main concern. >> i echo your concern in terms of kind of going out. i have all only been on the commission for roughly 11 months and my perception was that maybe it kind of drifted off a little bit because we became very distracted on some urgent crises. personally, i would like to see us refocused every month and that needs to be addressed for a few minutes said that we can remain true to our
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predetermines priority items and maintain the flexibility that we need to address more urgent things that come up. we do this at a conscious level. >> my concern is more that we have these retreats. those are the kind of benchmarks for us. i would like to get those and we sort of measure things. we might want to have another retreat. >> we want to wrap up the issues that we raised. >> is there any further comments or recommendations? we will now turn to public comment. public comment regarding lines 2 a, b, c, d. >> good evening.
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with the exception of the police chief, i would like to pull you out of your drunken stupor. august 12th, they had to raise the debt ceiling 1.9 trillion. they start issuing tracks 30 days. california has a deficit right now of 22 and a half million, next year, 40 billion, the final year, 70 billion, maybe. we don't have the power to print money. the average police officer -- and so is the fire man.
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this cannot go on. that is the problem. it cannot go on past 2018 or 2019 or san francisco will be in bankruptcy. you have to understand that. this is not a joking matter. we sit and talk to a police officer cannot pay his mortgage. there are many people cannot pay their mortgages. 40% of the houses in the u.s. have to refinance or are under water. we are in a worldwide contraction. those are facts. the average police officer makes 58 or 65,000 a year with three to five years' work back up. we are in an area where is of a grand jury last year or in 2009
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came out with a statement that san francisco by 2017 or 2018 will be in bankruptcy based on two pensions and salaries. i think you have to look at reality here. the city will either have to freeze the pensions and payrolls of 29,000 people or lay off 10,000 people. that is coming. while you sit here and pontificate about 3% or 5% cuts or whether the police department can have another academy, there are sheriff's out here talking about merging the police department and the sheriff's department. i thank you for your time. >> is any further public comment?
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hearing none, public item is closed. >> item number four is public comment on all matters pertaining to item number6 below and closed session for disciplinary cases. >> public comment on handling disciplinary matters in closed session. hearing none, the next item. >> item 5 is a vote on whether to hold closed session included a vote on whether to assert the attorney client privilege. >> so moved. >> ladies and gentlemen, we will now move into closed session. thanks.
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